Who We Are & How We Work

Who We Are

IMPACT 2030 is a US based charity with a 15-year charter. In the year 2030, we will leave existing and new organizations with advanced tools to engage employees in volunteer work, measure the impact of volunteer efforts, and promote the power of employee volunteers to change the world.

Our Partners & Stakeholders are setting a distinct path towards the achievement of the SDGs by devoting their corporate volunteering efforts to collective action in the pursuit of sustainable development.

How We Work

We have assembled various committees and teams to implement IMPACT 2030 strategies. Teams organized by Partners, Stakeholders and volunteers collaborate and play a key role in helping advance the purpose of IMPACT 2030.

Leadership Committee – By invitation only, liaisons of IMPACT 2030 in various regions promote awareness of the SDGs to employees around the world, advance the practice of employee volunteering, and showcase how their volunteer actions contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Operational Team – A group of volunteers led by facilitators are organized and tasked with a singular and a core focus of responsibility (communications, data organization, etc.).

Leadership Team – A team comprised of representatives built from 5 key Stakeholder Groups (Government, Academia, Nonprofit, Noble Houses, Private) and the Executive Committee that that ensure the perspective, insight and concerns of the stakeholder group they represent are conveyed and considered when defining goals and objectives for IMPACT 2030.

Action Teams – Project-focused team comprised of 2 or more of the Founding Stakeholder groups (companies) working on key or specific SDGs in collaboration with other local/global stakeholders (Non-Profits, RVLs, etc.).

Aside from joining the Committees and Teams, Partners and Stakeholders are welcome to take other volunteer roles: Regional Voice Leads (RVLs), Administrative Support Volunteers and Operational Team Facilitators.