Cities and Corporate Volunteerism

June 7, Chicago – United States

Cities & Corporate Volunteerism: How cities can address the UN Sustainable Development Goals by harnessing the power of corporate volunteers for transformational change?

Alongside the 2017 Chicago Forum on Global Cities and Grant Thornton LLP, Dr. Tauni Lanier will be participating on a panel to discuss how companies can deepen their commitment to sustainability by re-thinking how they mobilize employees.

Almost immediately the business community recognized the role it has to play in addressing the Goals. Nearly half of CEOs believe that business is the most important actor in delivering the Global Goals, and most – 89% – say commitment to sustainability in business models is translating into real impact on their industry. (Accenture, 2016)

But where business sees the opportunity to make sustainable change through disruption in technologies and process – what about people?  This panel will facilitate an audience dialogue on how companies can bring their commitment to sustainability directly to the cities in which they operate through employee volunteerism and collaboration.

The Chicago Forum on Global Cities, hosted annually by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the Financial Times, raises provocative questions about the influence of global cities and how they can solve pressing global challenges. Participating thought leaders and decisions makers make new connections and develop innovative solutions to advance in their own cities.

Venue: The Art Institute of Chicago, 230 S Michigan, Chicago IL

Time: 17:00 – 18:15

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