The mission for IMPACT 2030 Measurement team is to collectively develop metrics to measure the impact of Human Capital Investment (HCI) via corporate employee volunteer programs (CEVPs) towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The team will generate the tools, metrics, and taxonomy IMPACT 2030 will need to measure in a robust and consistent manner, how corporate resources devoted to HCI via CEVPs, included funding, time dedication and attention given to these programs impact the SDGs. These tools, metrics, and taxonomy will be based on existing data, a common understanding of current state-of-the-art in social impact measurement, and it will be evidence-based informed.

Team Members

  • Bill Blackburn, Measurement Advisory Committee Chair
  • Kenn Allen, Frameworks Team
  • Amanda MacArthur, Alignment Team

Measurement Advisory Committee
The Measurement Advisory Committee (MAC) reviews and advises on the output of the Measurement team to help ensure IMPACT 2030 objectives are being met, and that the content is consistent. The Chair of the MAC, Bill Blackburn, collects recommendations and other inputs, from Partners, Stakeholders, and experts in the field, and shares and discusses this input with the Teams.

Alignment Team
The purpose of this team is to map the alignment of current corporate volunteering initiatives to the SDGs.

Frameworks Team
The Frameworks team’s job is to start from catalogued intentions (compiled by the Alignment team) to design a system that will enable measurement of impact. The team will research current techniques used to plan/implement and then measure volunteer impact, the application/testing of techniques, and assessment of applicability to the measurement needs of IMPACT 2030 companies and a proposal of measurement framework for testing and application by IMPACT 2030 Companies.


  1. To develop or identify a method/approach for measuring the Impact of Human Capital Investment (HCI) for Corporate Employee Volunteer Programs (CEVPs) on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) / Primary
  2. Facilitate opportunities for collaboration among Impact 2030 companies (partners) and other organizations, across SDGs and across specific regions / Primary
  3. Develop or identify a method/approach for measuring the impact of such CEV programs on the company itself (business case) and the volunteers / Secondary


Corporate Employee Volunteer Program (CEVP)

A Company program—one the Company encourages and supports—involving employees of any type, whether or not they continue to receive compensation from the Company, who freely offer to volunteer for a cause related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals


  1. Employees volunteering on company time
  2. Employees volunteering on their own time without pay
  3. Pro bono services
  4. Volunteer programs organized by the Company or employees


  1. Employees performing a normal company function for the Company (e.g., environment, health & safety, community relations, business development, foundation management)
  2. Employees hired by the Company specifically to do some charitable work
  3. Corporate philanthropy or other involvement without employee volunteers

Sustainable Development Goal Target, Indicator: A target is a measurable objective established under one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2015-2030.  There are 230 metric Indicators for measuring progress on the targets.

Impact (of Human Capital Investment): The change effected by the volunteer or CEVP on one or more UN-approved SDGs or SDG target indicator versus the status that would have resulted without such effort

Company Employer (CE): The company employing the employee volunteers

Volunteer-Involving Organization (VIO) or “Served Organization”: The NGO, governmental institution or other entity that is served by the volunteer

Implementing Organization: An organization that takes full responsibility for in-country logistics for employee volunteers (housing, transportation, etc.) and for identifying local VIOs for which the volunteer will work (primarily for cross-border programs)


Australian Business Volunteers (ABV)
ACCP/Corporate Citizenship/London Benchmarking Group (ACCP/CC/LBG)
Business in the Community (BIC)
Centre for Social Impact (CSI)
Emerging World/ Voluntary Service Overseas (EW/VSO)
European Venture Philanthropy Assn (EVPA)
GECES Sub-group on Measurement; OECD/EU LEED
Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)
Impact Centre Erasmus Univ. (ICEU)
Marc Epstein (ME)
Points of Light (POL)
Social Audit Network (SAN)
True Impact (TI)
United Way (UW)
VolunteerMatch (VM)
Volunteer Resources Balanced Scorecard Group (VRBSG)