IMPACT 2030 is a global private sector led collaboration created to mobilize employee volunteers to directly and substantially contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). IMPACT 2030 Partner companies believe that a commitment to investing in human capital when used in concert with peer companies, civil society, the United Nations, government, and academia is a powerful tool to accelerate the global achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, advance the practice and impact of employee volunteering, and inspire the private sector to positive action. IMPACT 2030 will leave existing and new organizations with advanced tools to engage employees in volunteer work, measure the Impact of volunteer efforts, and promote the power of employee volunteers to change the world.

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While corporate volunteering, by definition, is a unique expression of civic engagement enacted, facilitated and supported by the private sector, from a practical perspective, it is only possible to promote a collaborative approach through the support and credible partnership across multiple sectors. As such, key stakeholders from governments and non-government organizations are invited to make contributions towards the advancement of our efforts.

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The IMPACT 2030 Network is made up of multi-sector organizations from civil society, the public sector, and academia, that support the mobilization of employee volunteering to help achieve the SDGs. Participation in the IMPACT 2030 Network is complimentary with the only requirement being to participate in volunteer impact measurement work that IMPACT 2030 is advancing.

UN Volunteers (UNV) and the UN Office for Partnerships (UNOP) were the principal UN advisors during the planning and development of IMPACT 2030.